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Part Seven

Share the Good News

  • Share the gift with everyone you encounter by the example of your daily life.

  • Share the gift by making concrete invitations to Consecrate oneself to Mary.

  • Share the gift to spread God’s love, bringing others to the Heart of Jesus. 


The Church by its very nature is missionary! In Paul’s letter to the Ephesian, we read that all the faithful are obligated to collaborate in the expansion and spread of the Body of Christ (cf Eph 4:13). We are called, not because God absolutely needed us, He is, of course, infinitely powerful….but He willed to need us….He made us collaborators so that His redemptive work might be brought to all the world. What’s this have to do with Consecration to Mary?


Consecration to Mary draws us deeper into this mission. It is not just for us, but it is a calling to work for the sanctification of the whole world as an authentic response to Christ’s cry, “I thirst!”

  1. Where?

    1. Seek the mission fields of your own life

      1. Your own surroundings, relatives, acquaintances, work companions, neighbors, friends...all of these for the Immaculata

      2. This is the toughest part, because we know a prophet is never welcome in their own town

  2. How? Here are a few ideas:

    1. Ordinary means such as good example, obedience, prayer, work, and patience in suffering….being humble, being aware and empathetic of the suffering of those around us

    2. Renew your consecration to her daily

    3. Pass out Miraculous medals & use it to help explain how much Mary loves us!

    4. Promote consecration to those who are experiencing trials and redemptive suffering...sick, elderly, nursing homes, those in need of a light

    5. Organize a small faith group to exchange ideas of how to deepen your consecration and faith

    6. Encourage Marian consecration to your whole parish

    7. Post positive and uplifting things to social media related to our Lady


What's it got

to do with


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