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Program Introduction

Preparation for Consecration to Mary in the spirituality of St. Maximilian Kolbe




We will provide the resources and information you need to make an intentional commitment to consecrate yourself to Mary if you so choose. We offer insights into the life of St. Maximilian, consecration to Mary, Our Lady’s role in salvation, and our baptismal call to evangelize. While there is much to learn, our real hope is that you will be renewed in your desire to give our Lord Jesus the very best, that is, to become a saint with the care and intercession of Mary, Our Mother. 

If you are not convinced about consecration to Mary, that's ok! Join us anyway, learn and pray. If you would like this to be a "refresher" to prepare to solemnly renew your consecration to Mary, join us! 

While we prefer to meet you in person, with the help of Mary and the Mercy of God, we are sure it will be a fruitful experience for all involved. Please pray for this and for us!

The preparation is in nine-parts. Each part will contain a few, if not all, these elements:

  • A brief written summary of the topic                 

  • A video with a much more detailed explanation

  • A testimony from a person consecrated to Our Lady

  • Downloadable PDFs of handouts

  • Relevant links to external resources

  • Reflection questions to ponder individually or discuss with others


  • The life and legacy of St. Maximilian Kolbe                 

  • The movement he founded: the MI 

  • The story of the Miraculous Medal 

  • Our Lady’s role in the plan of salvation: Genesis to Revelation 

  • The meaning of consecration to Mary as a means of living out our baptism 

  • Consecration to Mary lived in the spirit of St. Maximilian                  

  • Recognize our need for Salvation, the centrality of Christ, and Mary’s role 

  • Accept Mary as a Mother given to us from the Cross 

  • Offer ourselves to Christ through Mary in return for the gift of Salvation and Mary’s motherhood 

  • Share the good news of Redemption and Mary’s love for all her children 

  • Explanation of the prayer of Consecration





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